Lavender Lace

tongues tongues slither in the mud, thats how a carnival grows


“McQueen, as well as being a fashion designer, art-directed many photoshoots, he art-directed many films, and this film formed the backdrop to the collection Irere that told the story of a shipwreck at sea and a subsequent landfall in the Amazon. And it was peopled with characters like pirates, conquistadors, and Amazonian Indians. The film itself was shot by John Maybury and depicts a moment when a woman falls overboard in a dress that’s referred to as the “shipwreck dress.” As she’s floating down in the ocean, the strands of chiffon get tangled around her legs and arms like seaweed.”

-Andrew Bolton

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Scavenging birds are gathering to the Lonely Mountain, armies of many nations of Middle-earth are on the march, Red dragon Smaug crawls out of the caves….The Battle of the Five Armies is coming!

B5A - (23 to 25 may 2014)
Largest LARP event in the Czech Republic with fourteen-year tradition, inspired by Tolkien’s book The Hobbit.

(photos by Ondra Pěnička - )

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